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Okay. Awesome.

Friends. Friendly folk. Not as close a friend as Clarice or Bart (well, she couldn't even remember how close she was to Bart before all this), but still, good faces. No blood on their hands. A genial attitude. She raised her head, allowed a warm smile to break onto her features, and internally decided that, hey, it was worth sharing her idea here.

"Hey guys." She tried enforcing some kind of happy energy into her tone, injecting her timbre with some vehement glee, like Lili had done, but the effort failed. Lili probably had stronger attachments here, it seemed. Again, she knew all of those people, but not super-duper-well. Most of them were in the year below her, after all.

Like, she recognised Lili's face from Kingman, but she wasn't at the level of friendship with Penelope or Ben or Raina to be aware of her status as a mutual friend to all of them. Again, she was friends with everyone here, but not to the degree of knowing their mutual friends. They were obviously at the level for jovial insults - effing nerds, and the like - which Kizi was fine with, but yeah, not yet at the mutual friendship awareness.

Still, though.

Ancient history now.

"Hi everyone, good to see you're all doing okay." She almost said 'well', but changed to okay at the last minute. Because 'well' just would be mockingly inaccurate. "Lili and I just escaped from the library fire. Which was not fun."
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