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Huh. She missed. Fucking sights must be off on that or something. Well, never said she was perfect. Next one.

Kaitlyn pulled back the handle and let a new bolt fall into the bow. She aimed, grinned, and got punched right in the shoulder and breastbone as a wild volley of shots whipped around her. Staggered back as another swell of the tide swept past her and -- way to go -- dropped the goddamn crossbow.


Couldn't have that. Couldn't. The thing was just too badass to lose, so Kaitlyn turned her attention away from Alba just long enough to reach through the weird red mist in the water now and grope for it... grope for it... fuck.

Kaitlyn blinked. Heartburn or something. Or.


She looked back up at Alba.

"You shot me?"

And smiled.

"Fucking... well, go! Let's go! Game on, Reina!"

Alba did better than she'd expected. Alba was good enough. She's passed the game. So fuck High Tide, it's time to go.

Kaitlyn stepped forward against the tide. Eh, forget the crossbow. She still had that other gun. She'd get more. She'd get everything. She laughed, weakly, saving her strength you see.

"Go on, Alba! You win too! Bitch you're stronger than..."

A wave washed over her and Kaitlyn forgot what she was saying. Oh yes, now that the tide was almost in it was time to go and it was time to get back on shore, get those couple bullet out, slap on a bandage and wait for the next time that feeling returned because this was finally... finally enough for a while. Enough to subside the rush for a couple days. And it was all so worth it. This island was the greatest thing that had ever happened to a girl from the middle of nowhere, Arizona.

She paddled. Alba was ahead of her now. Made sense. Less energy expended. Her chest was aching now; it was getting tougher to breathe but that all was temporary, it was all just the rush coming down. Kaitlyn grabbed for her. Bitch couldn't think she could leave her behind now, could she? After the gift she'd given for Alba? After what Kaitlyn had shared with her? Now Alba just had to return the favor.

"Alba... Alba!"

The tide came higher. Just a bit more now. She'd still make it out.

She was owning it. She was living it. Gone all in.

And finally, Kaitlyn wasn't blinking.

She died with her eyes wide open.

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