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"That sounds... nice, actually," Cass said, glad that Jae had the mercy to just ignore the extra crushing void in the room that they had carelessly introduced. It had felt oddly liberating to say out loud; but any such relief was immediately drowned out by worries that it hadn't been an accident, they just wanted pity, even though they had done nothing to deserve it and Jae had no obligation to care, and even then this entire talk of the afterlife was for Cass's benefit, wasn't it, and it had actually been working for a little bit before they just had to abuse the fact that their composure was completely falling apart because they knew] that it'd be easier to talk, harder to think, they knew and they still hadn't done anything to try and prevent it, content to just accept the burden they'd place on anyone with the misfortune to have to listen to them-

Jae was still talking. It'd be even more unforgivable for Cass to be so self-absorbed that his efforts were wasted, even if they were for a waste of a person. They sat on the edge of their seat and listened.

"Still, I dunno how much I like the thought of just... like, that the instant I die I'll forget everyone I've ever loved? Like none of it ever mattered at all? It sounds lonely, even though I wouldn't ever even know it, but that just makes it seem even... lonelier, I guess. Thinking of all the people my like, past self wouldn't ever have wanted to part with."

Soon after Cass finished that particular meandering bit of philosophy, an unfamiliar girl with a knife and a taser walked into the room; making their talk of death and the afterlife a bit more immediately concerning than it had been even before. Was this what the rest of their life would be, being violently flung between physical dread and existential emptiness?

All they could do for now was raise their hands and slump back into their chair, hoping to make it clear they weren't a threat. "...Please don't?"
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