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Alice looked out across the island. She couldn't immediately spot anyone out there, but she knew it was early in the day, so most people were probably not out and about too much.

Alba and Gary. She couldn't recall either of them being here, but apparently Bryony had seen Alba personally. So that was one person to find. And if Bryony wanted to find someone, Alice wanted to help her.

"Okay, so...let's get started?" Alice said suddenly. "If we want to find people, we should look, I guess. Right?"

Sudden enthusiasm for this plan filled her. She started making her way down the tower. She'd been lucky to find her best friend, but other people deserved that, too, right? Especially Bree. She deserved whatever good things Alice could provide.

That's what friends did, right?

((Alice Baker continued in Can You Hear Me Calling Out?))
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