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Clarice. Bart. Those were the names. Right, Kissy had probably said something to that effect on the walk over. Lili nodded in agreement, pleased that at the very least Kissy's friends were still alive and kicking.

"They're probably doing just fine," she said. There was nothing that told her that they were fine, and Kissy looked happy enough just to not hear their names without Lili's input, but she felt a pull towards those five words for a reason she couldn't quite explain. She thought back to how it felt to hold her friend and be there to comfort her. It was quite possibly the nicest thing she had felt during her stay in Spiderland. Come to think of it, her time with Kissy had been the best out of any time she'd spent with any of her other friends. She could really see them getting along in the future, given that they lasted long enough-


Lili's head turned so fast she could hear the satisfying snap of her crackling joints through her inner ear.

"Been a while."

It was Ben. No, not the Ben she'd seen earlier and left behind, but the other Ben, the one she'd woken up wondering about on her first day. He was here, right in front of her, standing in the door looking pale and skinnier than she remembered but he was alive and that was all that really mattered. Lili smiled brightly and sat up straighter, leaning away from Kissy so that she could get a better look at his face, the distance between the two of them being just enough to make his eyes and more fine features blurry to her hindered sight.

"Too fuckin' long, man!"

She'd put a hand on the floor to push off of, to get herself standing, but was interrupted when yet another familiar face looked into the room. Penelope, a girl around her age. Yet another friendly face. If Lili didn't know better, she'd have her suspicions that she was hallucinating the whole thing. Two of her friends showing up when she had barely seen half that amount in the past few days? Just too big of a coincidence. But Penelope addressed Kissy too. With a hard 'Z' sound. Was it Kizzy, then? It made a little more sense than Kissy, simply because it sounded a little bit more like a name, but it was still a bit out there. A bit far.

The actual girl Kizzy had actually gotten a bit far, too, by way of Lili unconsciously moving away in excitement. Noticing the small gap she put between the two of them, she scooted back over to her, getting just a little too close - their shoulders were touching.

Lili opened her mouth to come up with some kind of playful comeback to Penelope's little jab, but came up empty.

"Breathing," she eventually said, "And happily, too."
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