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He slumped down to the floor, his back to the wall as he heard Alex make his way across the room towards Amanda. He had failed her once again. He was going to kill her, and there wasn’t a damn thing Will could do.

But then something happened, someone else had come in to play hero, bashing the shit out of Alex with what looked like a toilet seat. He tried to place who it was attacking him, but concentrating on that became difficult when all he could feel was the pain from his wounds overriding any attempts at doing so. Whoever it was, they had just saved some time for Will.

He heard the clatter of steel on floor and looked over to see his machete, the very thing he’d used to carve him up and leave him lying here. Stained with blood and ready for use. He crawled over to it slowly as he heard the sound of something hitting the wall over, and over, and over again. Punctuated by screaming and flailing. A vicious fight for their lives.

As he grabbed it, feeling the blade to the tip. He knew what needed to be done. Will forced himself up on his feet, taking unsteady steps towards the two as he heard the demented yelling from them both before plunging the machete as hard as he could into Alex's back. He put all his weight into the attack and twisted and turned the blade inside him, making him feel all the pain he felt. And compared to last time, didn’t offer any quips or last words to him, just silence as screams filled the air once more.
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