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((Jeremy Frasier, continued from The Martyr Approach))



Jeremy was still apparently the fastest person in the school.

He was walking down the bridge, trying to get a clear view of the other side. Nothing had really happened since he had left the gym. Time had passed - the sun had placed itself slightly higher in the sky - and Jeremy had moved, but he hadn’t seen anyone since he had waved goodbye to Hazel and Jordan back at the radio tower. It was sorta funny, that. There was a whole world around him right now, full of people fighting and dying and doing things far differently than he was, and yet he chose to keep running into the same people. It was like this back at home, as well. Seven billion people in whole, and yet back he just tended to meet the same ones at school over and over again. He’d only meet a new one once every… week? Fortnight or so? He wasn’t sure.

It was an odd thought, actually. Even back then, even if this hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t have even been able to meet with even 1% of the world. Maybe, in his life, he would have seven million interactions in total, but they’d for the most part just be with the same people, over and over again.

Small world.

He was at the car in front of him now. He looked around it.

No Hazel. No Jordan.


Guess that meant he had to wait then.

There was a… metal pillar thing to the side of the point where he was on. He headed to it. Baseball bat in his left, Jackhammer in his right, Raging Bull in his pocket. He leaned up against the pillar. Slid down. Crossed his legs.

Maybe someone else would come across here? That’d be nice.

Well, depending on the circumstances, he meant. Depended on whether they were a cool dude or not.

Oh well.

He’d just have to wait and see what happened.
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