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((Dot stumbled in her ugly dream.))

She gave up on screaming Lucilly's name in different intonations. If she heard Dot massacre her name, she would probably be running up to her and correcting her. That being said, her necklace misspelled her own name so maybe she didn't care. She would find her in due time and get a plan to stop getting separated. She didn't want her taller friend to run around weaponless especially now that Dot took her weapon which happened to be a dirty magazine.

She was tired. She had walked a lot. She was out of shape before entering the island but now she was out of shape and exhausted. The days she spent here felt like years. They never seem to end and when they did, the horror started back again. The vicious cycle didn't help Dot to feel safe which meant she didn't really sleep.

She never let herself fall into the arms of sleep. She stayed trapped in dreams and nightmares, unknowingly confusing her reality. She wondered if what was around her real.

If she turned around, would the world still be there? Would anything still be there? Her parents would still be watching? Her family and friends at home would still be worrying?

She wasn't sure so she kept walking. Heading toward the building that was called the hunting cabin. Maybe inside there'd be bed to rest in? Napping on the ground again would suck but sleeping in a bed would be nice. She wondered about her room back home. She craved those lazy Sunday's that she spent in her room sleeping. Yesterday should have been one. Yesterday should have been a day where she did nothing but eat junk food and talked to her friends online.

Instead she spent the day in a padded room, a solitary confinement of some sort. The person who won the game would probably be sent there. Like, maybe forever. Everyone would go insane from spending too much time here, on this island, hearing about your friends' deaths and their killers. Maybe she was too tired but she didn't care anymore. She just walked and reached for the door.

She heard voices inside. She rolled her eyes. She didn't need that. She wanted a bed and to sleep in it. She twisted the doorknob and pushed the door gently with her blade. Hopefully it wasn't someone too mean. If they were mean, she could just shoot one with her taser and like stab the other.

Or something.

She looked at the blade. She mugged it from someone who she just tased. Was that bad? Probably. Did she care? Absolutely not.

She saw the two people. One was someone she didn't recognize and the other was someone who left her for dead. She peered through the crack of the door, looking at them carefully. Sitting on chairs, looking a bit unarmed and not really threatening. Where was Jae's crossbow and what was the other androgynous person's weapon? Probably in their bags.

She opened the door.

''Hi Jae. You left me for dead. Give me one reason not to tase you.''
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