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((Penelope Fitzgerald continued from Haemolacria))

Penelope leaned up against the wall, covering her ears with her hands to drown out the announcements.

It didn't take long after they came on for Penelope to regret even trying to listen to them. All it took was hearing that Astrid was dead for the tears to start and the agony to come back. Astrid had been an idiot, but she didn't deserve to die. None of them deserved to die.

So she didn't want to hear them, she didn't want to know who had died. As much as it hurt her to acknowledge it, the dead didn't matter anymore. They were gone, and there was nothing that she could do about it. Having a mental breakdown every time she heard a name she knew would just hurt her productivity and make her too preoccupied with things that she could never change.

She bit her lip, doing her best to suppress the tears as the muffled announcements stopped playing. Tentatively taking her hands off of her ears, Penelope sniffled once, before wiping her tears away. She needed to be strong, for the sake of everyone. They were all standing at the precipice of oblivion, and she needed to find anything at all that she could latch on to.

She leaned further into the wall before glancing over at Raina. They hadn't been able to find Johnny in the warehouse, or anywhere nearby for that matter. He had apparently just disappeared entirely, and while Raina had seemingly taken it relatively well, she was still worried for her friend's mental well being.

She sighed, rubbing her eyes again, before turning the corner to see where Ben had run off to.

Perched in a door frame, Ben met her gaze and eyed into the room he was standing just outside of. She cautiously leaned over into the doorway, only for a smile to grow on her lips.

"Lili! Kizi! The fuck are you two nerds doing here?"
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