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Okay, the cut wasn't bleeding so much now, but she figured she should still probably get a bandage on the thing before it got a chance to become infected. She had been relatively lucky so far in terms of the whole staying alive and relatively uninjured thing, but she was in no mood to try to push her luck, not even with a little scrape.

She unzipped her bag and was making a reach for her first aid kit when she heard a voice. Was it calling out to her? She had no idea. She paused what she was doing and looked around. She saw Blair looking fairly alert, so she could presume that she wasn't the only one who heard it. That was good. At least she could feel relatively secure in the fact that she was not currently losing her mind.

That still left Rene with the dilemma of what to do about their unwanted interloper, though. Should she say something back? That was a risky move. What if they were dangerous? That would only draw their attention.

... Then she realized that she had probably already drawn some attention when she cried out after pricking her finger on a thorn. She rolled her eyes at the way this situation was unfolding. Now that she felt there was no point in pretending not to hear, she gave the most apathetic, half-hearted reply she had available.

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