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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout grunted. "You sure as hell don't sound fine."

This damn room was too small. The ceiling was too low, the walls too compact. Scout was breathing in and out in quick, heated bursts. She told herself killing the rat had been all too easy but emotionally it wasn't. All she had was the satisfaction of going through with her plan, but it, him, Alvaro, 'thanking' the girl for being with him, was not in the plan. Was that why Asuka was acting like a fucking back? She didn't know.


She turned away from Asuka, smacked herself in the head. Get your head back in the game champ.

"Why couldn't he just die? Why did he have to open his dumb mouth."

None of the people in the room heard Scout mutter to herself, although only two of them were dead and the third and forth were standing awkwardly at the other side of the room.

The girl said her name was Audrey Reyes. She and Alvaro were friends. Just friends.

Scout recognized the name but it didn't exactly do much to quell the irritation. Yeah, Asuka decided to walk right over to Reyes and - console her? Quite frankly, Reyes should be glad she was still alive. But now she was crying and acting like she just lost a family pet or some shit, and apparently Asuka was just eating it all up.

Reyes tried to rub the tears away with her arm to no avail. "It's okay. I'm okay. Thank you. I just... It hurts, you know? Losing someone like him. Someone I considered a friend."

"Your friend," Scout interrupted, "just tried to kill you."


"When I walked in here, you were begging for him not to kill you," Scout continued. "He was looming over you, apologizing."


"Am I missing something here?" Scout added. "Because as far as I can tell he was going to kill you and I stopped him

The girl still had tears in her eyes, but the look she gave Scout was anything but sorrowful. "He didn't want to kill me. He came in here and asked me to shoot him! I said, no, I slapped him and he - he got mad at me, I think? I don't know, I..."


Audrey Reyes's face went crimson. Scout scoffed.

"I wasn't born yesterday. If he wanted to die he could have just shot a camera or jumped off a cliff."

Reyes held her head. Tears streaming down her face. "Of course I know that! I - He just came in here, looked me in the eye said he needed me to kill him! I don't know why he did it! He just - He just did it!"

"Why did he need you to do anything? Why didn't he shoot himself?"

"Why are you asking me?? I don't know!"

Scout rolled her head. "... Tell me this - why were you begging him not to kill you?"

Reyes recoiled. Her shoulders slumped. "I... When he asked me - told me he wanted me to kill him, I slapped him and - he kicked me, I think. It happened so quickly but I don't...

"I don't know. He said he couldn't do this anymore. I...

"I don't know why. It just happened."


Scout rolled her head. She looked at Asuka, gauging her reaction to all of this.

"Y'know what I think?" Scout said. "I think you're just making up stories. I think you don't want to admit to yourself that your friend's a cold-blooded murderer who was going to add your name to the list. That's what I think."

Reyes was going to say something but stopped herself. She shook her head and mumbled something to Asuka, not Scout. Whatever. She could mumble away to her new best friend as much as she wanted. She was in denial, that much was clear to Scout. And nothing Reyes could possibly say would convince her otherwise.
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