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The buzz of the camera was by now a familiar companion, with whom Ben shared tight-lipped silence.

((Ben Fields continued from Haemolacria))

It was only with explicit permission that he was investigating separately from Penelope and Raina. They were within earshot of each other. Either party hollered whatever was left of their vocal chords the other party would be the cavalry. Ben was a clunky loudass anyways, half tripping over the clink and crunch of broken bottles with a careful gait and efficiency to his step.

Even as announcements droned on and on in that ever familiar insipid tone the entire damn island could probably hear his ass and all the killers would be flocking at his corpse like vultures within the hour.

Killers. Jerry. Alex. So much for hoping. Their names remained forfeit, and Ben should have known better than to pray otherwise. Apparently Alvaro was dead. Maybe not such a bad thing, but it didn't matter. Wasn't a body on that island that was still alive, warm or cold or whatever. Didn't take an outsider perspective to know that the men and women of Cochise had solemnly marched themselves to hell the day they'd allowed themselves to hand over their class list to the terrorists, goddamn names and numbers and hopes and dreams and all.

He hadn't thought on it too long. Had to force himself to stay alert, fit, or however much of those things he still counted for.

He was at least alert enough to respond quickly when he saw what was on the other side of the door he'd chosen out of the firing squad lineup.

"Hey. Been a while."

Well they'd found somebody they'd been maybe looking for. Ben kept himself on his side of the door frame, sparing a brief glance for Penelope and Raina before he remembered he had good company and returned his gaze to them. Lili, Kizi. Awesome sorta folk. They deserved a respectful nod. They also deserved more than Ben could offer them with what was left of his decaying, girlish form.

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