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The girl jumped and yelled in surprise. Kimiko recognized and knew who Vanessa was, how she looked and acted was memorable. She was in a band as well, Kimiko also remembered that. Besides that detail, Kimiko didn't have an idea what Vanessa was like as a person, whether she would aggressive towards her or not.

It didn't take Vanessa long to spot the gun and react to it. Kimiko pulled it out of her pocket slightly and shook her head. The idea of shooting Vanessa unprovoked had never entered her mind. The opportunity had been there but she had never even thought about it until that moment. Moving further into the room Kimiko looked around, a large tree had come crashing through a window which took up nearly the whole wall. The trees old, gnarled branches had knocked easels aside and cast papers to the wind. If the room had ever been a place of quiet reflection it had lost that quality long ago.

Her feet shifted through the scattered papers, sending the inner thoughts and dreams of the poor souls that had to live in the asylum drifting away to find new homes. Kimiko turned her gaze over the body Vanessa had been looking at. It looked like whoever it used to be had been shot in the head. Kimiko felt guilty over her blunt assessment of the corpse but there was nothing else she could do. She had never known the person.

Coming to a stop by the tree Kimiko lightly sat on one of the thicker branches and looked at Vanessa, she seemed mostly unharmed. She had avoided an encounter with the monsters that lurked on the island...until the moment she had walked through the door, Kimiko thought to herself. She lowered her bag off her shoulder, grimacing slightly as it rubbed against her shoulder wound and retrieved a water bottle from inside. Whether it had originally belonged to her or Nancy she didn't know. It didn't matter.

Once she had finished drinking Kimiko dropped the bottle back in her bag, her eyes never leaving Vanessa through the whole process. With a deliberately slow pace Kimiko raised her hand of the gun and into the air, then slowly spelled out her message with her hands letter by letter.

You're safe.

She didn't know if her message would be fully received so she left her hand off the gun, but still resting on the branch nearby, in case she needed to use it.
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