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((Blair Moore continued from Dysthemia Morte))

It was starting to feel samey.

Same old murderous classmates, same old vague sense of doom without any apparent purpose, all that shit. Each announcement brought something new, but it wasn't usually a good surprise. Hell, it wasn't even upsetting at this point. Just sort of...expected.

Maria was dead. It was weird to think that someone she'd talked to a couple days ago had been murdered, but then again, it kind of made sense, given the provided context. She'd seemed the high and mighty type. Isabel killed two more people, Jerry Fury was looking to be picking up as a player, and Junko was also dead. Kimiko had killed Nancy, which was nice. Maybe all the psycho killers would off each other.

This all seemed kind of boring, if that made sense? Blair found it odd that she could be bored while on murder island, but most of her time was spent either walking, eating, or sitting around, mostly in silence. Rene would crack jokes and she'd smile, but it wasn't a persistent feeling.

People were dying, for Christ's sake. She ought to be doing something! But what, the smaller voice of reason replied. Fighting? Killing? No, it said, you're better off waiting.

Waiting for what? The reason couldn't respond.

Now, as they said around in relative silence, Blair picked at a flower, plucking the red petals off one by one. Rene startled her by crying out, but when Blair looked up she'd just cut herself on the finger, no big deal. She went back to her thoughts.

A distant voice caught her attention. Blair looked over at Rene, raised an eyebrow, and stood up from the dirt. She didn't say anything.
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