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"Oh. Ok. I understand", said Ben as Noah left. "Thanks anyway." They didn't really want to talk with him. They had just tried to be nice. He hung his head. Was it his fault? He hadn't been twitchy and paranoid, like with the the girl with the eye-patch. Perhaps... perhaps they were being careful, like he was. And since they had each other, they didn't feel as lonely as he did.

Ben envied them.

He turned around again and trudged down the stairs, a glum expression on his face. He would get back to the only thing that might resolve his loneliness - finding Maxim.

Speaking of which... He turned back to Hannah. "Hey, um, you haven't seen a guy called Maxim, have you? Maxim Kehlenbrink?" They might be done talking, but she could still answer this question, right?
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