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[[Johnny McKay, continued from Wait, dont' be hasty]]

Things had been, uh, continued to turn out bad. Saying it came as a surprise would be lying, but Johnny did feel like lamenting his bad fate here and there. To no one particular, of course, because Johnny was alone. That didn't help, obviously.

The damage on his hand didn't seem to be serious at first. It hurt a lot. When Johnny passed the ocean, he held it in the water for minutes in an attempt to cool it. Seemingly that helped. The hand didn't swell or anything, and though it was sensitive to the touch, and sensitive in general, it didn't appear as if he got anything bad out of it.

He'd hope that, once he woke up again, the hand would be fine and dandy.

Of course, it wasn't. In fact, it had swollen quite a bit. Took on a reddish color. Ugly sight, but for some reason it didn't hurt a lot.

Suddenly, a random 'Gah'. He looked up from his hand.


What drove him to the place was unclear, but Johnny found himself at the gardens. Place sucked. But it sucked when he was together with Raina. Maybe it was that that drove him after all.
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