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Jeremy watched as Jordan put the CD into the player. He didn’t really have a lot to think in regards to that. It was a basic action. Nothing really odd to say about it, at this point. The music that came out of it was, however. It was… probably something he’d heard of before. Not something he actually heard, but he’d imagine having heard or seen someone joke about it. Jenny from the Block. It was… okay. Not bad, but considering this was probably going to be the last song he’d ever listen to in his life he was sorta hoping that it’d be something he liked more. Anything from the Killers, for an example. Maybe one of the sentimental ABBA songs. Not that this wasn’t okay, of course, but give him another option? He’d probably take that one.

And then Hazel suddenly appeared in front of him, pulling him up onto his feet and forcing him into the center of the room.

His first thought was: wow, how strong was she to be able to do that?

His second thought was: ...what was she doing?

She was… dancing? Pulling him? Laughing? Honestly, he wasn’t sure. She was going with the music. She was pulling his hands along to it. This was… dancing, yeah. But… okay, uh…

He was confused.

Slightly aroused, as well.

She wanted to dance with him, but, uh...

There was a bit of an issue.

He, uh…

Wasn’t good at dancing? He was sorta like a lumberjack whenever the disco ball went down. He just sorta felt awkward doing it and he couldn’t do it and he’d rather step down, but, like…

There was a girl, on the dancefloor.

Standing in front of him.

Holding his hand.

Trying so hard to get him to dance.

They were different from each other. Skin. Hair. Hair colour. Personality, you name it, but they were both friends. They were both trying to do the same thing.

He couldn’t just say no.

He smiled.


So he pulled her hand back. Forward. Along with the beat.

He was pretty sure this was how it was done.

They’d danced, for a bit, after that. Soon, though, the sleep began to come, and the three of them were too exhausted to do much more. They’d set up their beds, they’d set up watch, and they went to sleep.

They’d woken up around the early morning. Didn’t do much other than that. They’d made small talk, ate a little, and asked about each others lives. Jeremy had participated in that, a little. He wasn’t that good at asking questions to the other two but when they’d asked him some he was happy to answer. He was okay with participating in other discussions, too. He didn’t know much about Les Mis but he’d been in the stage band for a couple school musicals, he was able to tell the story from his side, there. It was sorta fun. Distracting. Apparently, as it turned out, the three had similarities to each other that weren’t being trapped in here. Who knew?

The fun had to end, though. The crackling of the speakers put a stop to it. Jeremy was sitting when he’d heard them, and the news prompted him to lay down, for a bit. On his back. Looking at the ceiling.

The first couple weren’t that bad, really. Al had killed again, but the surprise was nothing like last time. Just told him that he had to find Al. Before it was too late. Really, the most scary part of the announcements was waiting for the one death he already knew was up there. What would they say about it? Jeremy imagined that it wouldn’t be something that really surprised him but he knew it’d probably hit others. Emma. Serena. Maybe Hazel and Jordan. He knew things would be different from now on. Harder. All he needed to know was how much more difficult it was going to be for him.

Maria Cucinotta. Astrid Tate. Travis Lynch. Arthur Bernstein.

Junko Kurosawa.

Attacked Jeremy Frasier for ‘giving up.’

“Wait, what?”

That… was not what he was expecting to hear. They’d just told it how it was. Said out loud that it was self-defense. Jeremy didn’t just walk up and shoot her. Not according to them. It was self defence. She hit him first.

And everyone knew that now.

So what did this mean for Jeremy, if the terrorists suddenly decided to make him innocent?

What did this mean about everyone else?

He wasn’t sure.

He’d have to think about this later. The announcements were still running. There were still a couple names to go.

Scout had killed. That was… a name that probably wasn’t a surprise to hear but it was still something that piqued him up. She’d killed Alvaro. He took out Irene. He took out Barry, back at the bell tower. He supposed that Scout knew one of those names, or something. He didn’t know. He’d have to ask her, if they met again.

The next name made him smile, though. Nancy was finally fucking gone. Taken out by Kimiko Kao. Jenny had been avenged. Clarice too, sorta. He’d have to meet up with the latter, of course, say sorry, but that piqued him right up, as terrible as that was to say. Nancy was gone. There wasn’t anyone else he could have been more glad to hear up there.


That was when he had heard Lily’s name. He’d met her, back when he was with Alex. She’d mocked him, for thinking of teaming up with him. She was up there in the same sentence as Isabel. Nothing more to say than that.

Speaking of Alex, he’d gotten another one as well. Michael. Jeremy… didn’t know what to think about that. He’d have to store it for later, just like with what they said about him.

And somehow, even after all the names had been said, the people up top still had a surprise in store for him.

”and today's winner as voted by the cafeteria is Jeremy Frasier.”

Five in a row.

Somebody buy him a lottery ticket.

He sat back up again. Talked with the other two. He asked if he should go get it. They said okay. They agreed to meet at the west side of the bridge.

He stood up, left.

Nothing really odd to say about it.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued in The Martyr Approach))
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