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'Yeah, I knew her,' Coleen wanted to reply straight away. She wanted to say it straight out, at least. It was on the edge of her rolled tongue when Ty's inflection soaked through and she read the conversation for what it was. The thick tension and aggression hanging in the air over their heads had not boiled and burned her; instead, it had condensed into a cloud. Now? Now it was beginning to rain.

To see somebody like Ty weep, Coleen thought, did wonders to show the game they supposedly played for what it really was: a terrible, maniacal thing that could break and warp the most steeled of souls. The kicker, of course, was that nobody here should have been a hardened badass. She, Tyler, Keith and everybody else here was just a kid who should be worrying about what they're going to be doing for graduation. Or at least in the case of the juniors, what classes they're going to take, who's going to be cool. Stupid stuff. Now, the strong wept, the kindhearted and gentle were killing their friends, and all these kids so full of life and vigor were either half-dying or fully dead.

Once again, Coleen held it in just as she had done for Eliza's sake. It would do no favors to Ty if she crumbled as well.

"Yeah. We spent some time together," she finally managed to say after giving him a healthy amount of time to vent the first flow of emotion. "She was still the same person she always was, even here. When I was having a really hard time, she helped keep me on my feet." The words were paced and deliberate, as if she practiced them. In remembering what little closure finding a lost loved one had offered, she continued on.

"If you go up to the cliffs on the northwest point of the island, you'll find her. If you want to go see her." She shouldn't have been moved, she was sure. Ty seemed set on doing his own thing before and if he wanted revenge that badly, she wouldn't stop her. If he wanted to do this instead... it only seemed like the right thing to do to give him that option.

She didn't bother telling him that the AK used to belong to Bernadette. That was really besides the point and didn't help matters any.

"I should go now," Coleen uttered. "See you later?" Stupid, but there was no better way to end the conversation. Did they really want to see each other when it meant they might have to kill each other? Did they want to hear each other's names on the announcements? How futile would it have been to say something like 'stay safe', knowing it was an impossibility? Coleen chewed on the inside of her cheek, frustrated that there was no good way to break it off. All she could do now was wait for Ty.
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