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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba watched as Kaitlyn snapped back into the scene. The water was getting higher and higher, but it seemed like Kaitlyn was finally reaching her limit. She was apologizing for everything, and was going to lighten the mood. Unfortunately, she had to do so with a joke that only made Alba grimace and let out a groan. Seriously, she thought Kaitlyn was better than that. Well, not anymore, but before this cave stuff she did.

"Great, then I'm getting out," Alba said.

Alba was about to try and wade her way out when the uzi almost slipped out of her hand. She fumbled a bit, but managed to keep it in her hand, although it was now facing Kaitlyn and her finger was near the trigger. That's when Kaitlyn shouted something about blinking


Then, everything fell silent. Something flew by Alba, flying over her shoulder and hitting the cave wall behind her. Alba seized up when she realized what just happened. Kaitlyn shot at her. Kaitlyn shot at her. She wasn't letting her go. She was baiting her. Sure, she had missed, but it was clear to Alba now that Kaitlyn was going to kill her.

Alba screamed the second she heard the bolt hit the cave wall. Time seemed to move a lot slower at this moment. As she screamed, her hand clenched around the uzi. Alba didn't know how the gun worked, had no clue if it was loaded, and had no idea if the safety was off. But the deafening sound that followed informed her it was working, it was loaded, and the safety was off.

It also told her, as her ears started to ring from the sounds of the bullets echoing off the cave walls, that shooting at Kaitlyn was nothing like shooting a can of cat food with her friends yesterday.

This, it turns out, was much easier.
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