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...And Kaitlyn heard her.

She blinked for a second and looked over the gun at Alba. Yeah. Alba was crying. Alba wasn't having a good time.

Alba had just stumbled in and thought she'd found a friend and now just like Mia look where Kaitlyn was taking her, because Kaitlyn in that moment knew she could lie all she wanted to everyone else. Like she had for days. Like she had for years. But there's that old cliche about who you can't do that to, huh.


The feeling was still there, still surging and so damn strong and as the water got up to the bottom of her ribs Kaitlyn swallowed and felt it subside just enough. For a moment.

This was...

"Alba, I'm..."

Better figure out what it was fast Kaitlyn because she managed a quick glance out of the cove and how many seconds left; she couldn't tell. Not many.

So Alba was going to die in here. Her buddy. No threat to win if it really came down to it days from now. Like Mia, and like Mia it wouldn't be fucking peaceful, now would it?


No. No.

"Fuck, I'm-- I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I..."

She lowered the crossbow just a bit. Alba still had her gun raised. Kaitlyn looked her in the eye.

And then Kaitlyn laughed. High-pitched, jumpy in her throat.

"I'm sorry you're not having a good time! Here, let me lighten the mood. Here's a joke!"

And she realized it didn't matter one fucking bit. Because the rush, oh the rush was back up to eleven and streaming live everywhere now and it was unbeatable. It was unstoppable. Kaitlyn owned it. Owned everything.

"What's long and brown and smells like shit? Give up? The unemployment line!"

She threw her head up a bit and laughed again as the water was flying now up to breast level. Oh man. Oh man that was a great one.

"I'm kidding, I like you Mexicans and--"

A sudden wave struck her and she stumbled back, feet scratching against the ground to find their footing. Fuck lost her concentration for a second but it was so worth it and as she planted her feet and looked back she saw.

Oh assblast. Now Alba was trying to fumble with the gun? NOW? Just when it was getting to the best part?

"You fucking blinked, Alba!" Kaitlyn screamed, and fired the crossbow.

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