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For the second time in short order, Vanessa squealed aloud. She’d been staring so intently at Mitch’s messed up face that Kimiko had managed to catch her completely off guard.

“Jesus, you startled me!” she yelled at the new arrival after regaining her footing, flush with irritation and a racing heart. Staring death in the face had put her on edge, it seemed.

Kimiko was not a familiar person, just another student at Cochise who she’d maybe seen once or twice in the halls; she’d never talked to them, she was pretty sure of that much, at least. As great as a place to meet new people as the island was, she’d still have preferred someone familiar.

She opened her mouth, words forming, when she spotted where Kimiko’s hand was: resting on the grip of a gun, its barrel visibly outlined against the pocket fabric. Vanessa swallowed the words back down immediately, face frozen, as her heart kept on pounding in her chest.

Shit, this might be dangerous.

“Hey, woah, it’s cool! I’m unarmed!” She spat out at last, raising her hands to demonstrate, her chair leg conveniently tucked out of sight in her day pack for now. Carrying it around all day every day had started to feel pointless, but now she was starting to think otherwise.

She’d just have to keep her cool, she was quickly telling herself, and hope this girl kept hers too.

“No need to shoot me, ok?”
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