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[Lili Williams continued from Everything's In Solitude Except Character]

The two settled down in the building across where she'd met Ben and his friend. It brought back some feelings of regret, a vague sense of wondering what could have been, but no matter. Lili was part of something bigger than herself now. It was resistance. It was hope. It was company. A company that needed somewhere to set up shop. She vaguely remembered that the Housing Block had already been a danger zone once, so it was somewhat unlikely, in her mind, that it would be one again soon. A good place to rest in any case.

They hadn't seen either of the people Kissy mentioned on the way through the empty field that separated the rough circle of buildings leading up to the Block, and hadn't found anyone inside the building either, even if it was somewhat clear that there had been people there at one point. All the beer cans on the floor and the random chairs thrown into the walls reminded Lili of her own episode flinging suitcases at a chandelier. When she had met Darius a day back. Now he was dead, and she was alive. Walking, breathing. Did she deserve it? Not her judgement to make.

At one point, Lili was looking through the building for a room not covered in bird shit. The first door she tried, she found a corpse wrapped up on a bed and stinking up the room. Sure, she couldn't quite see the body, but she'd smelled death before - very closely, in fact, the memories of lugging the body across the bridge coming back, along with more thoughts of Darius. Did she suddenly feel...bad for him? He was somewhere else now, rotting just like this body on the bed, and she was alive and walking. Again the question arose in her mind: did she deserve to be alive?

She slept on it, a quick and dreamless sleep.

The announcements woke her up. She rolled over and listened, sparing a few glances over at Kissy. She was quiet, head in her hands most of the time. Lili joined in her quiet mourning, eyes on her shoes as she heard some of the more gruesome deaths. At the very least, some of the killers had taken to tearing each other apart. That would make their job a bit easier. Less people to contest with. Scout was still alive, managed to kill one of the bigger names out there. She surprised herself with just how much she had paid attention in the past few days, enough to have a good sense of what was going on.

Some idiot got shot by his own best friend. Kissy wouldn't turn out like that, right? She wouldn't hurt a fly, and in the event that something did go wrong, Lili held all the cards.

The other Lily had killed. She'd taken to travelling with some other girl, Isabella-something. Killed her own cousin? Dramatic. Lili shook her head at that one.

Her head kept shaking. She opened one of her bags and pulled out some more bread to chew on.

The sound of her teeth tearing through her breakfast was enough to dull the question song spinning into infinity in her head.
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