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For an eerie moment, it felt like the first day all over again. Both of them standing across from another ready to kill with a girl in the room. Except this time she wasn't dead. Yet, anyway. Knowing Alex, he'd turn and shank her just to piss him off.and drive point that he was a "villain". He stood there in silence, hand wavering as he heard what Alex had to say.

"Hurt? Hurt?! You fucking killed her you fucking psycho!" Breathing became difficult as the words came out. He wanted to scream some more at him, punch him, shoot him, burn the fucker alive for what he's done, but he hasn't got the means anymore for that anymore. His gun was fucked, he should have focused on fixing that, instead he saw so busy playing therapist, goddamnit. And he didn't have anything else, and he could hazard a guess that Amanda didn't either.

"You keep your fucking mouth shut about Darius!" He felt himself shaking more and more as the words spewed out. "We're nothing alike, I gave him a warning to fuck off! You butchered Rea for no fucking reason!"

He looked over at her, if only briefly. He's too close to her, if she ran he could grab and run her through just as he did Rea. It would be a cold day in hell before he let this happen again. But... she could still make it out alive if Alex focused on him, and once he heard him declare they would finish this like men, he knew what needed to be done.

"Go to hell and burn Alex!"


Do your worst.
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