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Ty was ready to walk, whether anyone was coming with him or not. Just as he was about to march off, though, she got his attention again. His hand went up to clasp his lantern ring as he turned around with a curious look on her face. Why was she asking about that? Did she know Bee? "Nah," he started slowly, "Hers is...I got her that violet one, that was her favorite..." He choked up a little as he spoke. Was. Not is. Not anymore. His hand drifted from the ring to the his left breast, resting over their tattoo under his shirt. The goofy part of him always had this idea that when he proposed to her, he'd sneak her ring off for a day or so before and do it with that. Of course he'd save up and get her a real ring, he wasn't that stupid, but something about surprising her with it again...it just felt right.

"You know her?" It was getting harder to talk now. He could remember it all so vividly. The way she'd scooted up against him, that shy sweetness as she explained what'd he'd done for her, a few soft words. Guess the emotion time. Their first kiss. The first time she'd told him she loved him. All wrapped up in that little plastic ring that he could only imagine was with her somewhere. She'd given it all back to him when she surprised him with the one around his neck too. It wasn't just that she loved him. She believed in him, even when she had to talk him down. She'd made him believe too, filled him up with this hope that he could be a better man and they might actually pull off something great together.

Love and hope. That's what they'd always meant for each other.

He wasn't even gonna be able to see her body, was he?

That was it. That was his breaking point. For the first time since he'd woken up in this goddamn nightmare, Ty started to cry.
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