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Yes, It's yellow backwards
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Don't do anything stupid. Ha, that was a good line. A classic.

"With you pointing a gun at me? And outnumbered? Um... No thanks"

Nobody in this hell of an island would trust him, right? He took a glance at Bart. No bravery. No muscle. Apparently on his own. By comparison everything would look like a potential threat so yeah, that would be like a proportioned response or something. He was kinda getting used to it. What kind of responses would he get if he goes and gets a name on the murderer list?

Stop right there. That guy just told you not to do anything stupid. Why don't you better listen to that guy Bart? Wasn't he trying to ask for help? Sounded interesting.

"Maybe he wants someone to cover his back while he searches for his friends" Now he was looking to Bart's direction too "Or new friends, who knows"



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