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Brendan couldn't help the next thing that came out of his mouth. He had needed to feel more better at some point. Especially if it was about some books. Right now, he could even start on an idea for a story just because of a library being burnt by someone who must have had a good reason to do so. He was getting more distracted just thinking about it. He guessed in a way it was better than getting into a tense situation with people he was hoping not to see again. Especially Jae. He was still resentful over what Jae did to him. He wondered if he could ever talk to Jae again without things going to complete hell. He doubted it.

While he was having these thoughts, he was laughing a little. Mainly because everything felt so normal. Like they were just three people having a very normal conversation. Even if Michael's corpse was right there. He wondered if Michael was judging him right now, wherever he was. The afterlife?

Brendan wiped a tear from his eye as he had been laughing a little longer than he thought he had and then he took a few breaths to calm himself down. "Sorry, s-sorry. I didn't mean to laugh. I just.... This feels so normal. Like we're just having a conversation at home without all of.... this." He said simply as he pointed behind him with his free hand and then his smile faded a little. "I wish I could have gone to the library at some point. I would have loved to see what type of books were there. I missed my chance at saving some books."

He paused as he thought about it more.

"I just hope that no one had died in that fire. That.... That would be too much."

His gaze returned to Michael's body. Has Jonathan seen Michael like this? He did feel a little sad and a tad angry. Mainly because Michael had to go and die like that. Leaving Jonathan behind. Brendan wasn't trying to blame Michael for what happened. The person to blame was his killer.


He turned his gaze back to Maxim, blinking a few times.

"How have you been, Maxim?"
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