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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba listened patiently. Kaitlyn hadn't had her share of run-ins like Brendan had, and her murder seemed to come from pressure from Alan. Alba would have to make note that Alan was someone they needed to be careful around if they ran into him. Granted, she didn't know who Alan was, but maybe Brendan and Fiyori did.

Kaitlyn was about to push Alba out to find the others, but suggested she look at the sea. At first, Alba had a naive belief that she could look out and the view would be the entire U.S. navy descending upon the island to save them all. But no, it was just to admire the sea. Alba had to admit, it was a really nice view. This may be the only time she'd ever get to see the ocean, and she had to enjoy it.

"Yeah, it is actually nice," Alba said. "Thank you for sharing it with me."

Alba smiled. Kaitlyn was going to go her own way, but Alba would have to try her best to convince her to come along. After all, it was rare to find pleasant company in this game, so she'd have to hold onto it as long as possible.
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