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Kaitlyn tensed her neck muscles.


And yep, here came the questions. And oh, there went any doubt that might've been still lingering.

Frankly, Kaitlyn would've respected Alba more if her derby buddy had at least shown the guts to come up and, hell she didn't know. Scream at her. Demand answers. Threaten to hunt her down or fuck, shoot first and ask questions later like Min-Jae apparently had. If Kaitlyn ran into Min-Jae later, she'd have to give the moody fuck a nod of appreciation.

"...Not like 100%, but Vanessa Stone the other day. She was pissed; it might've gotten violent but I took off. Been alone mostly the last day."

Sure. It could've been like that.

"The whole thing shouldn't have happened, you know? Alan, he strung me along, it was stupid of me, and... fuck. It's the past now."

Kaitlyn smiled. Tried to make it a sad one. She could feel that old feeling finally coming back in the pit of her guts, and oh god it was welcoming now.

She turned to look out at the ocean for a bit.

"Anyway, you should get back to look for them. I'll take off soon. I'm just... hey just take a look out there with me for a minute, will ya Alba? I mean, nothing else there's no view like that in Kingman."

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