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"Yeah, my dad, actually he read it back in the 70's as a kid and kinda passed it on to me. It was about this like plague, kills off everyone over the age of 14 or so and this one girl really ends up taking charge. Standing up. I dunno if it was great writing; I'm not a big reader or anything, but it really like stuck with me."

Of course Alba hadn't read it. Of course she couldn't understand.

She dropped the book back on top of her bag.

"But don't know what happened at the library, I haven't been there for a few days and..."

Well, she'd walked into that, all right. But that was actually fine. That was better, really. Gave her a chance to throw it out there for Alba and see what happened first.

"Yeah. It was a decent place. Shit went down, though. I was with Alan Banks. He... was a bit nuts."
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