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Fiyori? Really?

God, Alba could have shitty taste in friends. Present company... included.

"I haven't seen anyone like recently. I've just been, you know, chilling here a bit, trying to relax. Trying to... deal, I guess."

Kaitlyn studied Alba's face for a second. Open, sure. That was Alba.

It felt a lot lot Mia, and Kaitlyn bit her lip.

Then shoved that feeling deep and snapped herself back to reality here. Yeah. It was like Mia. Better than Mia. There'd be no more doubts, least of all from her.

Although Alba was already talking about friends and getting back to them. Yeah, and like Mia, Alba was just gonna dance merrily into a goddamn hole of Trust Yer Friends and let it swallow her alive in the end, wasn't she? Maybe if Kaitlyn knew that Alba had more than that, had more than the base physical-strength here but... like it wasn't even like the girl was trying a Vanessa-style lie, here either, Kaitlyn could fucking tell that. She could read Alba like a book.


"But yeah, I dunno. Good to see you too, though. Really. Like, a friend."

She ambled a few steps over to where her bag lay, zipper open, and pulled out a tattered paperback.

The Girl Who Owned a City

"Been reading, haha; got this book from the library, uh before it burned down I guess. That sounded kinda crazy. It was actually my favorite book as a kid. You ever read it?"
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