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((Kimiko Kao continued from Haemolacria))

Yet again Kimiko found herself drawn back to the asylum, it seemed appropriate. Despite Ben saying that she might not have been a monster it had planted the idea; she was certainly viewed as one and she was outcast. She felt like a monster as well. She didn't resent the Penelope, Ben or Raina for their actions. What they did had made sense, she had killed four people and for all they knew she was crazy and dangerous. Kimiko was mad at herself for thinking that she might be accepted by innocent people. The only reason she had felt so awful after it was because she had allowed herself to build up her expectations in such a way.

So, returning to asylum was natural, it was the right place for a monster to be. Kimiko had continued moving and resting, avoiding any sign of people. Interacting with anyone else wasn't something she had any more interest in. She had eaten, slept, washed her wounds and replaced her bandages. All the tasks undertaken in silence as she was left alone with her thoughts. She had tried to sleep as well but the nightmares made it impossible and she had given up. Instead opting to sit in the corner with her knees pulled up to her chest, something that had become a nightly ritual for her.

Now she was moving through the asylum, exploring and searching for any supplies. It felt ghoulish, trying to find anything that had been discarded via any means just so had more resources. But in an even worse way desecrating the dead was hardly the worst thing she had done.

Kimiko came to a stop at a door labelled art therapy. She found herself curious about the contents of the room. What would the occupants of the asylum have drawn or painted? They were outcasts as well, abandoned by their loved ones and society to an island where they could be forgotten about. Left at the mercy of whatever affliction they had and whatever form of treatment a broken system deemed necessary.

She pushed the door open and walked inside only to stop instantly as there was someone already in the room and they were crouched over a corpse. Her hand reached for the pistol and slowly tightened around the grip. Preparing for a potential attack.

Spotting some crumpled paper on the floor Kimiko stepped on it gently, letting the crunch serve to alert whoever the person was to her presence.
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