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Lily heard Isabel and took a moment to really register it. When she did, she did so without a word. Walking over to Lucilly’s bag and crouching nearby it.

She didn’t check the contents throughly. She opened it long enough to see if there had been a weapon in there. There hadn’t been—she supposed Lucilly would have been holding it if she was, but then again the girl hadn’t seemed all there to begin with. She shut the bag, then just picked it up and slung the strap over her shoulder. She’d never fit the contents into her tiny little school bag, and her assigned bag was still buried on the shoreline.

The sudden weight made her uncomfortable, but it wasn’t as if she was running anyway.

Lily looked at Lucilly. She was definitely dead by now, that was certain. Probably for the best, considering the damage done to her. Her guts were still exposed to the air. Lily didn’t immediately look away.

She stared at the guts for a few moments, then reached out slowly. Wondering if it was really so easy just to grab someone’s innards like that. Her hand froze halfway, however, and Lily slowly retracted it.

She turned away, straightening up and heading towards the stairwell when Isabel called.

((Lily Caldwell continued in Die Anywhere Else.))
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