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Brendan commented first. He wondered what a person would try to achieve by setting the library ablaze. Fiyori thought her part, and replied with a mere murmur.

Fiyori gave Brendan a brief glance. She then returned her focus to the library for a few more moments. Then she turned to Maxim. There was a body nearby, but Fiyori did her best to ignore it. She would have liked to say that it smelt, but she actually didn't sense anything of the sort. Maybe the sea was trumping the stench, maybe she was just used to it. So it was all too easy for Fiyori to not acknowledge the corpse.

Maxim took his time. He stared at the pair, and at some point Fiyori wondered if he was broken. Like a talking doll whose electronic circuits were lost.

"...So-" Then he spoke. Maxim said that he would have made sure the library wouldn't burn. If he had any say in it. The next thing piqued Fiyori's interest.

"Aye, burning books is terrible."

It was a curious statement. Caged on an island, surrounded by endless sea and dark clouds, where over one hundred people were dying piece by piece, day after day. And yet Maxim believed that the burning of a book was the greater sin. Whether he meant it in jest or not, it was a judgment call. He placed value, and Fiyori - odd enough - felt something like admiration.

"I'd hope it was just books burning though." Fiyori clicked her tongue, and threw her hair to the side. "Exceptions notwithstanding."
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