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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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'Bart wasn't a concern, Alan was.' That was the conclusion Jerry had drawn, and he assumed Matt was drawing the same one. Bart looked to be about as harmless as a freshly-kicked baby seal, Alan had a pipe. Bart was wandering around uselessly in the dark, Alan was some sort of monster who aimed to trigger soap-related nightmares. Boxes of it, flying through the darkness here, there, and everywhere. If Jerry got through this, he likely would never look at soap the same way again. He knew one aisle he wasn't stepping through at Safeway, that was for fuckin' sure.

"Help you how?" he asked Bart, trying to cross his arms. However, as one hand had firmly placed itself in his pocket to get a grip on his switchblade in case things soured up, what this really ended up looking like was Jerry senselessly tucking his other arm across his chest and burying the fingertips in his armpit. Not the kind of pose you'd see on a movie cover. "We're not like... giving you food or anything, if that's what you mean."
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