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As the rush faded away, Isabel soon found herself standing over a fetid pile of meat, her breathing fast and heavy.

She looked at her hands, reflexively sticking out her tongue in disgust at the blood and slime. She turned away from the body and went to the edge of the roof once again, glancing around for places with access to water. She hummed absentmindedly, taking note of the various areas that had access to the ocean and where they were before turning her head back in Lily's direction, the girl having retreated even further into the doorway. "Hey, Lily," she began, her voice lacking in its usual edge. "Loot the girl's stuff. My hands are too dirty and my bag is too full anyway."

She sat down, finally giving herself a chance to rest, staring at the ground, only glancing up occasionally to see if Lily was complying with her orders. Breathing deeply and doing her best to ignore the smell, Isabel slowly calmed down and returned her state of mind to normal.

Nearly dying had put her into a state of mind that she wasn't normally comfortable with, she never enjoyed the feeling of adrenaline, how out of control she felt when it was triggered. The rush of the kill had distracted her from the feeling of panic, but as the rush faded, the panic returned, and she had to take a moment to calm herself down.

Isabel stood up as Lily finished collecting Lucilly's things, before gathering her sickle and sword from off the ground. Re-affixing her things to her person, Isabel walked to the stairwell leading back into the asylum, briefly turning back towards Lily, her voice noticeably tired.

"Let's leave and... find a place to clean up."

((Isabel Ramirez continued in Die Anywhere Else))
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