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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from Santa Sangre))

"Okay, why don't we check out the cove?" Alba said. "Maybe there's...something..."

Alba turned around. Brendan and Fiyori weren't there. She stood frozen, an awkward smile on her face. How had this happened? When they had left the asylum, they were going to look for Jonathan and Bryony. Alba thought they would check the area around the asylum first and had suggested they follow her. They must not have heard her, or maybe she walked too fast for them to catch up. Whatever the reason, Alba had to deal with the fact that she was now alone for the first time since Day 2.

Alba shook her head.

"They're probably close by," she told herself. "Just find a nice place to wait and they'll catch up."

The cove offered shelter and a place to sit, so it looked the most appealing place right now. If Brendan and Fiyori were nearby, they'd probably go somewhere like that. Alba hoisted her bag over her shoulder, keeping the rifle to her side, and started to walk to the cove. She tried to think more about where everyone could be. Maybe Jonathan or Bryony or someone else were already in the cove and they'd be able to make their group larger.

Alba approached the edge of the cave when she thought she noticed someone nearby. She first saw a crossbow and thought it might be Jae again. However, she soon noticed it was someone else. It was a girl, a familiar one at that. Alba was a bit taken aback, knowing who this girl was and how she was rewarded a few days ago for killing someone.

Alba pushed the suspicious thoughts out of her head. She had made the same assumptions about Brendan, and he had proven to be a worthwhile companion. Maybe she would be too. Besides, this girl had only killed once in six days. They were roller derby sisters, so that still had to matter here.

"Kaitlyn?" Alba called out, a large smile forming on her face.

Thank god she found a friend and not someone really dangerous.
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