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((Rene Wolfe continued from Dysthemia Morte))

Another day spent running around the island, another night spent cold and worrying that someone would gut her while she was asleep, and another announcement in the morning informing everyone of the killers and the killed. At this point, it all felt very routine. Undeniably fucked up, yes, but routine.

The announcement did have some pretty big surprises this time around. Junko was dead, which was something that hadn't even crossed Rene's mind. Junko had always been pretty cool at school, so to hear about her death, especially since she was apparently trying to kill someone else, was a pretty big shocker. Nancy was gone now too, meaning that Rene wouldn't have to worry about a crazy-ass weeaboo showing up and slitting her throat in the middle of lunch or something.

Shit, was she really feeling relieved after hearing that one of her classmates was dead? This island's shittiness really was starting to get to her, and she hoped it wouldn't stick.

Rene browsed around the garden, which consisted of less flowers and more various types of weeds and other things that would send the hosts of those gardening shows her grandma likes into a coronary if they saw them in the quantities that lay before her at that moment. It wasn't the most pleasant place to spend the night, but when you've gotta drop, you gotta drop. And to her credit, she hadn't gotten pricked by any unfriendly plant life.


... Okay, may have spoken too soon there. She hadn't been paying attention and got her finger cut by a thorn for her trouble. She sucked on the cut to stem the bleeding. Yes, it was the most primitive course of action she would have taken, but in her defense, it was also the easiest, and a work week of poor nutrition didn't lend itself very well to quality decision making.

She sat on a rock and looked at her newfound wound, reflecting on the discovery that even the local plants couldn't be trusted.
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