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(Kaitlyn Greene continued from Dysthemia Morte)

Day six. Felt nice.

Apparently the library had burned down. Too bad. She'd liked it there. Plus she'd left her shield there. So Kaitlyn guessed that was gone, which kinda sucked. She'd had the admittedly silly idea that at some point she'd need it for whatever reason and be able to head back there and retrieve it in a moment in need.

Ah well. Being the best fucking planner and the most forward-thinking person here didn't mean every idea would pan out.

She sat on the rocky floor and it felt nice against her ass and she took the crossbow out of her bag and aimed it off at the horizon. Felt kinda like pulling the string and seeing just how far one of those bolts could fly but... nah, had to conserve her ammunition.

But yeah. Just some of them, eh?

In any case, it was now late morning and Kaitlyn guessed the floor might be getting damp soon enough. So it was about time to prep for that and get her bag to some higher ground. This was a big day. And no one was around to share it with her yet, which sucked, but hey, gotta keep hoping, right? She'd had the chance before but didn't take it. Of course, she hadn't had a gun then. It was...

Kaitlyn furrowed her brow and thought. Irene. That was it. Irene was dead now, of course. It'd been Irene, Hannah Kendrickstone, and someone else, Kaitlyn couldn't remember and didn't give that much of a shit to try. Of course, fat lot of good Irene's shotgun had ending up doing her. Kaitlyn should've just grabbed it then.

Huh, speaking of grabbing guns, hadn't she left Mia right outside the library? ...Fuck her corpse was probably like half-charred now or something. That... was weirdly unnerving, and Kaitlyn didn't know why. Maybe she should've taken the time to bury her. Maybe she was kinda still worried about Mia rising up all zombie-style and seeking revenge, and her being all burned up would make that even freakier.

Yeah, no. She had to get the zombies and invasions out of her head, Christ. There were so many better post-apocalyptico scenarios. Like the one she'd just read. Like the one she was in now.

Kaitlyn grinned at that and looked out at the ocean, crossbow dangling in one hand.

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