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"Wait... did you say Alba?" Sandra said, after what was probably way too long. It took Sandra a while before it clicked in her brain. It didn't even register to her until Alice repeated it back to her.

Did Bryony run into Alba at some point on the island? No... wait, maybe Bryony had been friends with Alba before this. Sandra didn't know all of Bryony's friends, after all. But it was a stretch, even more of a stretch than Sandra and Bryony being friends, as much sense that analogy made.

But then, if Bryony had run into Alba during her time on the island.

"Did you run into her?" Sandra continued, turning back toward the two girls, and taking some slow steps toward them, "Where was she?"

Alba was here, and Alba was alive, because they hadn't said her name on the announcements. There was still... there was still something she could do.
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