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The other boys may not have been aggressive, but that didn't do a whole lot for Bart's nerves. Firstly because they both stated that they expected him to be dead by this point, although he couldn't really disagree with that sentiment himself. Secondly because, well... they were armed, so he was pretty sure that things were going to go their way if push came to shove. The sudden appearance of another guy behind him didn't do any favors as well. Bart was spooked by the new arrival, jumping a bit before trying to hide his nerves once again.

"Hey, uh... I just got separated from my friends." He tried to explain. "There was a, uh..." He used his off-hand to point off in some random direction as he tried to force himself to remember his words. "... A fire."

He didn't dare move as he continued. He knew that the boys before him still definitely had the upper hand. "I was hoping that maybe I could, uh... find someone to help me out?" He could feel more sweat forming at his forehead, preparing to run down his face at a moment's notice.

Hopefully he was making a better impression than he thought he was, because he really didn't want to make these guys mad.
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