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Penelope pushed herself up off the ground as Kimiko turned her back to them and left. "W-we can talk this out!" She shouted, her voice shaking. "You don't... you don't have to leave..."

She desperately waved her hand in the air, but Kimiko wasn't turning around, she possibly wasn't even able to hear Penelope at this point.

She sniffled, lowering her arm. Her gaze strayed to the ground below, tears falling off of her face and landing in the grass. Kimiko had seemed more than willing to talk things out, and Penelope had wanted to give her a chance and forgive her for her mistakes, even if she couldn't comprehend why she would have killed Cristo, and allow her to make amends in any way she could. But now she was gone, probably feeling like even more of an outcast than before.

"Oh god..." She muttered, as she put her hands on her face. "I fucked this all up."

She slumped back down to the ground, curling herself up into a ball. "I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to... I just... I just wanted to make another friend..." Her voice was weak, the sound of it pitiful. "I'm so sorry..."
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