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It was unjust for man to kill man. Yet, when Lucilly gasped and grasped that Isabel was charging at her in return, she could not help but feel that it was a just act of judgment. Lucilly had sinned. She had forsaken the path of the Lord. She had forsaken her own path to God. She would then, as it was due and proper, pay for her wrong-doing.

Her opinion changed a little when Isabel hit, and the girl's blade cut deep into her torso. The pain was unlike all else she had ever felt. The mere shock of it caused Lucilly to scream, and tears began rolling down her face. Yet then it got even worse. Isabel cut across the belly, and Lucilly screamed even more. She had not noticed that she was pushed. Only when the sky turned sideways and her head cracked on the roof's floor did she realize. The screaming went on, the pain was suffocating.

Her left hand stretched to the side, she could feel warmth engulfing it. The blood of her intestines had begun to form a small puddle. The pain continued to grow and grow and grow, and it drowned out all there was to Lucilly. At some point, it had become severe enough, that Lucilly's brain was simply unable to cope with it. She screamed and cried and bled, but the massive pain – as present as it was in it's waves crashing violently in her body – could not be registered by her mind anymore.

Lucilly looked up. Isabel had took hold of her guts. Lucilly vomited in her own mouth. She could see her stomach, and she could see it's revulsion as it's propelled it's content out. She had to vomit again, and some of it escaped her mouth.

Her head turned to the left. There they were. Her digestive track laid bare for all the world to see. It was a struggle to move, and yet she did. Her arm hurried over to where her guts were. Her palm patted them, took a firm grasp and they squelched under the pressure of her hands. Cut asunder, and adorned with the dirt of the rooftop, Lucilly took her guts and tried to shovel them back in. She tried it again, and again.

These do not belong there.

Lucilly thought, or felt or maybe not. Yet with the next heap, she stopped. She screamed once more and louder than before. Then her other lung was pierced and Lucilly stopped trying.

She could feel blood flowing over her lips. She could feel it rolling down her cheeks and dropping on the floor. Lucilly took a look at herself. A deep look, into her inner self. She knew she should have gotten a hold of herself, but she could not do so anymore. Her eyes went above, one last time, and saw Isabel.

O you cruel scene, how your image will void my sleep evermore

[[Lucilly Peterson: End - Death by Severe Bowel Irritations]]
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