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It only took a moment's hesitation for Isabel to find herself hanging over the edge of the roof, her hefty bag and her calves being the only things keeping her secured.

A silver fire of panic raced through her as she used all of the strength her ballet toned legs could manage to force her torso back upwards just far enough to grab hold of the ledge. Tossing the sword up onto the roof, she grabbed hold with her newly freed hand and pulled herself all the way back up.

Panting, already somewhat exhausted from rescuing herself from certain peril, Isabel's head twisted itself in Lucilly's direction, white hot anger boiling away the blood in her veins.

She should have just killed her when she had the chance.

Standing up, her knees wobbling, Isabel pulled the knife out of her pocket and tossed it into her dominant hand, her eyes burning holes in her new target, the death sentence freshly signed and ready to be carried out. "I gave you a fucking chance, and that's what you do?" Her voice shook with rage unfathomable, her teeth clenched and her mouth twisted into a snarl. "Do you know what I've done to people who tried to kill me before?" She gestured to her bandages. "I didn't get out with no scrapes and bruises, but guess what? They're dead, and I'm still alive!"

Lucilly was backing away from her now, the two of them in lockstep. "I'm going to fucking kill you!" she screeched, before charging at Lucilly in the same way that Lucilly charged her.

The knife blade soon found itself sunk into Lucilly's body just below the ribs, blood oozing out of the wound and onto Isabel's hand. "You like that you stupid bitch?!"

All Isabel cared about now was making sure that Lucilly died, and that she died as painfully as possible. She ran the knife blade across Lucilly's torso, slicing it apart with little resistance. She smiled as Lucilly screamed in agony, her body being torn asunder. Isabel shoved her back, the girl falling over and blood pouring out of the wound, soaking the dark concrete of the roof. Bits of Lucilly's intestines poked out of the belly wound like groundhogs out of a hole, and Isabel saw the perfect opportunity to strike.

Isabel reached down, taking hold of Lucilly's putrid guts, the organ feeling slippery and moist with Lucilly's blood. She flashed a malicious smile at the girl before tearing a section of her body out of her and tossing it to the side, the portion of the girl's bowls snaking in a pile in and out of her.

Lucilly screamed even more loudly, hacking and coughing as she clutched her stomach. Isabel giggled, the rush of causing pain difficult to contain.

She loomed back over the girl knife held in bloody hand, raised and ready to cause more destruction. She brought the knife down, aiming for Lucilly's right lung, hearing the satisfying squelch as the knife connected and pierced her lung. She yanked the knife out of the girl, who had now begun coughing up blood, and brought it down again, this time on her other lung.

The girl's pitiful whimpers turned into gasps and choking noises as she was suddenly unable to breathe, and Isabel's giggles turned to outright laughter as she ripped the knife out of Lucilly's body once again. She soon found herself covering her face with her blood soaked hand which just moments before had torn Lucilly's guts out of her body, unable to contain her joy. "This is... heheh... what you get... heheheheh..." she said, in between fits of mad laughter, "for crossing me... heheheheh..."

She stood there, soaking in the rush as Lucilly sat below her, dying of blood loss and asphyxiation. "See you in hell... heheheh... you dumb motherfucker..."
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