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Lily stayed still as a statue for most of this. As if just becoming part of the background would make everything fine.

Honestly, it seemed to be working so far. The tension had gone up for a while, mostly because Isabel didn’t understand what Lucilly was doing—and there was a bit of awkwardness in that Lily hadn’t remembered her name until now, and couldn’t exactly remember when they’d met—but all Lily could say in defence of Isabel—wait, why would she want to speak in defence of Isabel—was that Lucilly was acting weird.

But wanting to spend her last moments not hating and being hated? Lily could understand that. All she had to do was close her eyes and see Lizzie carved on the inside of her eyelids to understand that. Of course Isabel didn’t. She probably thought being hated was proof of her power or something ridiculous.

Didn’t matter, she supposed, if the end result was the same.

And then Lucilly had to do that.
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