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Could she ever be forgiven for this?



One person.

One person nobody would miss.

Lucilly took a step and another, ever so subtly or as subtle as she could. Isabel was standing close to the edge. If hit from the right angle, perhaps by a strong gust of wind, a sudden rock appearing out of the sky or perhaps even a person throwing herself at Isabel could easily let her fall to death. At least, those were the thoughts that wandered in Lucilly's head.

"I am glad you are seeing it this way."

Lucilly smiled at Isabel.

Then, she charged.

Her body hit Isabel. She had embraced her in a way that Isabel never had wanted. It would have been a blessing, were Lucilly able to find a way to justify her behavior. Alas, her decision was made in foolish naivety. There was no excuse.

Yet, when Isabel slid backwards, something changed again.

Isabel did not hit the ground.

Lucilly regretted her actions. Greatly.
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