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Isabel snapped at Lucilly. She did not care. Isabel killed people. She did not care. Isabel killed, with the sickle - she did not care - with the sword and the - she did not care - knive and she killed so many times, but Lucilly just did not c a r e.

So many deaths. So many corpses. Lucilly did not care at all. So much grief. So many stenches of bodies and wailing of friends. Lucilly just did not care at all.

...not at all.



Something went and made 'snap' deep within Lucilly. It had been no epiphany, and it had been no switch pulled by Isabel's words. No, something has awakened that has long since slept. For a moment, Lucilly clenched her fist. She suppressed a tear, and then spoke.

"Isabel, I... know. I know. I know and it does not matter to me."

Lucilly did not dare to look at Isabel, but then she did, and met her eyes.

"I do not want to kill, Isabel. I do not want to survive. All I want, all I want now, is to spend my last moments not hating, and not being hated."
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