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"Dorothy, huh?"

Isabel knew exactly who Lucilly was talking about; Asha's sleepwalking, crybaby of a partner. Of course she wanted to kill her, after all Isabel had killed what seemed to be her only friend in the whole wide world. She was truly a pathetic creature.

But if Lucilly had been around someone that wanted to kill Isabel, even if said killer had about the same shot as a snowball in hell, certainly she was okay with that idea herself?

Isabel shook her head as she sat at the edge of the roof. Lucilly was just digging a deeper hole for herself at this point, a well of despair that would lead to her demise. "I would hope you wouldn't want to kill me too." Isabel said, her voice somewhat somber. "There have been a lot of people out for my blood lately..." She glanced at Lily, her eyes narrowing briefly. "...and I don't really want another fight on my hands."
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