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Of course it had gone this way. Kimiko had been naive to that it could have been different. The ironic thing to her was that they said they didn't want any trouble but she had approached peacefully and now they were threatening her. The threats were unspoken, of course they were, but the body language and the tone they were using all made sure the message was clear.

She didn't know if they would follow through with their silent threats but it didn't matter either way. She could hardly fight two people, three if Penelope felt she was trapped enough to fight back. It told Kimiko one thing for certain and that was she had no allies or safe havens. She was an outcast, her status as a killer cutting her off from everything else. She was adrift on her own island, thought to be so lost that even Clarice couldn't bear to be in her presence.

The small fraction of hope Penelope had initially given her made the situation hurt even more. She had stupidly believed that maybe she was being given a chance but it had just been a mirage. Ben was right, there wasn't anything there for her. It had disappeared as soon as she got close, replaced with their harsh glares along with Penelope's tears. Ben was trying his best to be intimidating, to take charge, Kimiko tilted her head slightly, thinking.

Eventually she acquiesced to their demands. Raising her hands up palms out towards them hoping to placate them as she took slow steps back. She didn't turn her back until she was comfortable that she was a safe distance away. She wondered how long they watched her for as she left, did they ever think she would turn around and fire at them? She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand and took a deep breath.

She needed to keep moving.

((Kimiko Kao continued in Resident Evil))
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