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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen steeled her spine for the potential explosion that threatened to erupt from a ticking time bomb like Tyler. All of his body had tensed up like a coil. She'd seen it all before - he looked like somebody swallowing their stage fright, preparing for a more action-oriented role or one in which they'd have to do a lot of high-energy speech. She recalled some girl who did a one-act that she sadly couldn't remember the name of. In it, the girl portrayed a woman who had just been raped before her husband and was now trying to talk herself through to recovery. That is, of course, until she notices her husband glaring at her, with a slew of implications therein. Coleen didn't remember much more than that, only that it had made her sob once the girl had finished.

Yeah, that was Tyler right now, looking like he was going to scream until he was red in the face and strike whatever was near. She decided, then, she'd not waste too much of his time.

"They ran up that way the moment they saw me coming," Coleen pointed. "Because the bridge is still out, I think, at least that blocks off a lot of the island." She had said too much, not that she had made some fatal mistake that would send Tyler immediate over the edge, but she added more to her statement than he had wanted to know. She didn't want to waste any more of his time. She wanted him to accept what was said and go his separate way, taking Keith with him, so nobody else had to get hurt. Arthur not being over her shoulder only helped to strengthen that feeling of loneliness and nakedness she now faced in every social interaction, where one could never tell if their partner of conversation was planning on drawing a blade or pulling a trigger.

At least, Coleen was happy to let it lay there, until she noticed something: a small blue ring, hanging on a chain around Ty's neck. She'd seen one like it before.

"Hey..." Coleen asked, quietly. "That ring... is it Bern's?"
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