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"Oh, of course. That is fine."

It would have been wise, or it would have been good, if Lucilly had at one point looked and noted that there was still something wrong. But she did not care at all. Isabel was difficult? She did not care. Lily was being panicky? She did not care. Three edges attached to Isabel? She did not care. Dorothy was nowhere to be seen? She did not care.

It was all completely meaningless.

For a moment, she felt a chilling coldness on her feet and on her hands and all over her. Yet again, she did not care.

As such she followed Isabel's suggestion. "Actually, I had been traveling with someone else. In fact, it was Dorothy. She had plans to... kill you." Lucilly was sure to raise her fingers and air quote that word. She still had no idea what Dorothy's plan was all along. "Yet I am completely baffled as to what exactly she had planned."
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